Save Yourself - They Won't

   What does it really cost to deliver services?


Isn't that a really great question? Don't you wish, after getting that ridiculous water / sewer bill each month, you wish someone would ask?

It gets asked. Not answered, but asked plenty of times.

There have been recalls over the question. There have been campaigns over the question. There have even been yelling matches and fistfights over the question. No idea, no matter how creative, has provoked an answer.

The council, in their infinite wisdom, during a drama filled meeting, finally agreed to appoint a water committee to provide that answer. They have been in play for three years and still have not uncovered that answer. They have stuck their nose in a bunch of projects, causing costs to go up on what should have been simple items, but still have not been able to manage a number. In fact, the one purpose they were designed to fulfill hasn't come up once.

Chris Harper, a friend of Heisler's, was made chair of this committee. He made a lot of statements (a lot) about what needs to be done with the entire system. He's claimed to be an engineer, which Oregon says he's not, and tries to speak with authority. He's held at least one meeting without the required posting.

The city has put so little relevance into the committee they don't even bother to schedule the dates anymore.

But, still no answer on the rates. No answer as if they are too high, too low or ??

It is worth noting: the last two years, the council has decided to give the resident's a 'break' from their water bill. Each person's bill is waived as a Christmas Present, the council calls it. Not an equitable amount mind you, but whatever that month's bill is. So, we had a councilor who got a break of almost $150.00 where many folks only got $84.00.

If they could afford to foot that bill, then why can't they just cut $10.00 off the bill each month, instead of this big credit that cannot be guaranteed?

If the current rate is not too high, then how is the city able to transfer $322,045.00 from the water fund and $494,450.00 from the sewer fund to be used on miscellaneous items. Things like plants, painting and awnings for city hall. That's a good question, too.

But it won't be the one that triggers the next recall.